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2017 - 10

Warmly celebrate the successful listing of the company on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

At 9:30 am on October 10, 2017, the company successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company's sole sponsor is Haitong International, which issued 133 million shares. The offer price was set at HK$3.00 per share, and the initial financing was 352 million yuan. 40.0% of it will be used for the construction of the Group's coke gas production facilities; 10.0% for investment in LNG production facilities; 40.0% for investment group's installation of No. 1 and No. 2 coking oven coke dry quenching facilities; 10.0 % is used for working capital and other general corporate purposes.

Our company is the fourth listed company in Jiyuan City and the first Hong Kong listed company in Jiyuan City. In the future, on the basis of consolidating the existing competitive advantages, the company will focus on the development of efficient and clean energy, and further strengthen the differentiated competitive advantages through the integration of upstream and downstream, promote the sound development of enterprises; further strengthen internal management and optimize product structure. Increase technology research and development and promote industrial upgrading. Utilize international capital to lead the development of the industry and achieve transformation and development, and play a new and greater role.


2017 - 10

20000Nm3/h air separation project (Phase I project) Environmental Impact Assessment Second Publicity

The preparation of the environmental impact assessment report of Henan Jinma Energy Co., Ltd. 20000Nm3/h air-packing project (Phase I project) has entered the late stage. According to the relevant provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Environmental Impact Assessment, the environmental impact assessment of the project is now in progress. The second public announcement, extensive public consultation and advice.

I. Project Overview

       Henan Jinma Energy Co., Ltd. 20000Nm3/h air separation plant project is located in the northwest of Jinma Energy Company, Chemical Park, Huling Industrial Cluster Zone, Jiyuan City. The Economic Resources City Huling Industrial Cluster Management Committee agreed to file the project, the project record number: Yuji Huling Manufacturing [2017] 24540. The project is in line with relevant national industrial policies.

       The project will be constructed in two phases. This evaluation is the first phase of the project (12000Nm3/h). The project uses air as raw material to produce instrument air, oxygen, pre-pressure nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and other products through filtration, compression, pre-cooling, purification, rectification and storage. The main production equipment of the project includes self-cleaning air filter, raw material air compressor, air cooling tower, purification adsorber, distillation tower and so on. The working system adopts three-shift operation system with an annual working time of 330 days.

II. The possible impact of construction projects on the environment

       According to the development plan of the agglomeration area and the current status of the regional environment, the main environmental protection objectives of the project are sensitive points of residents around the project area and nearby surface water bodies. The construction of the project does not involve environmentally sensitive areas such as nature reserves, scenic spots and natural and historical cultural heritage. The main environmental impacts during the construction period are construction noise and dust pollution. The main environmental impacts during the operation period are noise, the impact of solid waste on the surrounding environment, and the environmental risks that may be caused by product gas leakage.     


III. The measures to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts and measures

       (1) Exhaust gas:

       The gases emitted by the project are all atmospheric components and do not contain exhaust pollutants.

       (2) Waste water:

       There is no waste water discharge during the production and operation of the project.

       (3) Noise:

       The noise in the production process mainly comes from gas venting, air separation production equipment, air compressors, refrigeration units and pumps. The noise source is between 80~110dB(A). According to the noise characteristics of different equipments, prevention measures such as sound insulation, noise reduction, vibration reduction and sound absorption are adopted respectively, and the noise at the boundary of the plant can meet the requirements of the corresponding environmental standards.       

(4) Solid waste:

       The solid waste generated by the project includes general solid waste and hazardous solid waste. Generally, solid waste is air filter dust, filter failure filter cartridge, waste adsorbent, employee domestic waste; hazardous waste main waste lubricating oil, waste oil rag.

Air filtration dust and domestic garbage shall be regularly removed by the sanitation; filter failure filter cartridges and waste adsorbents shall be recovered by the manufacturer; hazardous wastes shall be temporarily stored in the factory for disposal.


IV. The main points of environmental impact assessment

       The construction of the project is in line with the national industrial policy, and the site is in line with the development plan of the agglomeration area, the overall urban development plan and the environmental function zoning. After adopting the pollution control measures recommended by the feasibility study design and evaluation, it can do the discharge to the standard, meet the requirements of clean production and total control, and will not have obvious impact on the regional environment and surrounding sensitive points. After taking appropriate risk prevention measures and emergency plans, the environmental risks of the project are within acceptable limits. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental impact, the evaluation considers that the construction of this project is feasible.       

V. Ways, duration and scope of requesting environmental impact assessment information

The time limit for soliciting public opinions is within 10 working days from the date of publication of the public announcement. The scope of the solicitation is mainly the residents, relevant departments and experts around the site. The public may contact the construction unit or the evaluation unit by telephone, fax, e-mail, website and letter to make suggestions or request additional information.

VI. Contact information        

Henan Jinma Energy Co., Ltd.        
Contact: Minister Chen        
Telephone and fax: 0391-6038009


2017 - 9

The company's fire brigade won the first place in the group in the second fire professional skills competition - township enterprise full-time team

On September 14th, after five days of fierce competition, the second fire professional skill competition of Jiyuan City came to a successful conclusion. The company's fire brigade won the first place in the group with good teamwork spirit and outstanding comprehensive quality. Team members Feng Jialong and Zhao Baofeng Yang Yujie, Liu Wei, Zheng Shuai, and Niu Erbing have excellent performance and outstanding achievements including group project fire theory knowledge, hand-lifting pumping, single-line double-water gun operation, personal project 100 meters running, carrying heavy goods return running The first place of all the entries, such as one-person two-plate water belt connection, water belt hauling, and so on.

The competition lasted more than five months. Since receiving the notice of the competition of the public security fire brigade of Jiyuan City, the company's fire brigade attached great importance to it, unified arrangements for deployment, dispatched elite soldiers, formulated training plans, and strictly implemented training tasks. During the training period, the relevant leaders of the company repeatedly visited the site to cheer up. The Jiyuan City Fire Brigade strongly supported and enthusiastically guided the team members to fight against the sun and rain, overcome various difficulties, and insist on super-strength and high-strength physical fitness and technical operation training every day. Basic physical training, team members bravely strive for the first, never show weakness; skill and technical training, repeated training, key training, strict deduction of every detail, pay attention to each link; theoretical knowledge active learning, overtime and learning, fully prepared for the competition In the end, he achieved excellent results in the competition.

Through this competition, the company's fire brigade's comprehensive business quality and fire fighting and rescue capabilities have been effectively improved. In the process of competing with other players in the same stage, they learn from each other and improve together, which lays a good foundation for the escort of enterprise fire safety.


2017 - 9

The company held a Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System standardization and information planning start-up meeting

At 9:00 am on September 13, 2017, the company's Integration management system standardization and information planning start-up meeting was held in the company's electric classroom. Xue Tianling, deputy director of Jiyuan City Industrial and Information Committee, Wei Xiaodong, director of Information Technology Division, Xu Liping, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Xugong Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Yan Chengyu, chairman of Henan Yuanxun Information Technology Co., Ltd., were invited to attend the meeting. Leaders Li Tianxi, Jin Daqiang, Fan Jianguo, Kong Deming, Wang Yongxin and the Integration management system working group participated in the kick-off meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Wang Yongxin, the company's deputy general manager. At the meeting, Wang Yongxin summed up the work of the company's two-in-one integration, and reviewed the achievements of the company in the integration of informationization and industrialization; Xue Tianling, deputy director of the Jiyuan City Industrial and Information Committee, made a speech and gave the results of the integration of our company. Highly affirmed, at the same time, it also gave instructions for the company's Integration management system.

Subsequently, Jin Daoqiang, deputy general manager of the company, read out the “Notice on Establishing a Two-Chemical Integration Management Organization and a Two-in-One Integration Management System Project Team”; the background and system construction of the responsible person of the two-integration management system The importance and value of the enterprise and how to carry out the work of the two-in-one integration management system have been shared; the heads of the informationization planning service agencies have carried out the general problems of the informationization of China's chemical enterprises and the important role of informationization planning in enterprises. share it.

Finally, Li Tianxi, the company's executive deputy general manager, made an important speech at the meeting, emphasizing the importance of the company's implementation of the Integration management system, and put forward specific requirements for each department: First, strengthen learning and understanding; second, The third is to be pragmatically promoted; the fourth is to be linked to the assessment, and the Enterprise Management Office should implement the work as a key indicator in the performance indicators, refine the evaluation criteria, and work on the standardization and informationization planning. Normal promotion ensures the healthy development of the company.

The convening of the kick-off meeting marked the official entry of the company into the implementation phase of the two-in-one integration management system. Participants said that they will actively cooperate with the two-in-one integration and standardization plan, and make concerted efforts to contribute to the integration and development of Jinma Energy.


2017 - 8

The company was rated as a pilot enterprise of Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System

In order to promote the sustainable development of the integration of enterprises, and to create a new type of capability of the enterprise, the company will follow the notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on recommending the pilot enterprise for the integration of the two-in-one management system in 2017. [2017] No. 219), actively declare the pilot enterprise of the two-in-one integration management system.

Recently, good news came from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. After the company’s independent declaration, recommendation by various organizations and expert review, the company was awarded the pilot of the two-in-one integration management system through the public announcement from August 11 to August 17. enterprise.

The integration of the two technologies is a high-level deep integration of informationization and industrialization. It is driven by informationization to promote industrialization, industrialization to promote informationization, and to take a new road to industrialization. Its core is information support and the pursuit of sustainable development. The company is carrying out the two-in-one integration management system standardization and information planning, taking data as the core driving factor of sustainable development, building information-oriented projects with new capabilities to build and promoting the company's integration construction.

At the same time, the integration of the two is also a process of continuous exploration, continuous improvement, continuous innovation and renewal, which requires long-term, stable and sustainable development. In the future, our company will continue to rely on scientific and technological progress, combine its own industrial structure characteristics, promote technological innovation and upgrading of products and industries, actively explore the integrated development model of information and industrialization, and always adhere to the informationization application of information technology to lead the development of enterprises. The goal is to realize the optimization and reengineering of business processes and the innovation of management models, thus truly building the company into a company full of innovation and vitality.


2017 - 8

2017 Jinma Chemical and Energy Technology Innovation Forum was successfully held

On the morning of August 20th, 2017 Jinma Chemical and Energy Technology Innovation Forum was successfully held in the company's electric classroom. The forum was attended by 11 professors from the vice president of Zhengzhou University, including the 11th professor, the deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the party secretary and general manager of the company, Wang Mingzhong, some party and government members, middle-level cadres, reserve cadres, and workshop technicians. The rest of the people. The forum was hosted by Li Tianxi, executive deputy general manager of the company.

Six experts from the chemical and energy fields of Zhengzhou University gave a special report on the transformation and upgrading of the company's technology and product structure, and made a study on the catalytic oxidation of naphthalenes and the research progress of selective hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexene. The latest scientific and technological reports, such as "Technology Development of Thermal Energy Efficient Utilization Equipment for Coal Coking Enterprises".

Wang Mingzhong, secretary of the company's party committee and general manager, said in his welcome speech: I hope Zhengzhou University can provide medical support for the technical problems produced by the company, provide technical support, realize efficient conversion and clean utilization of coal energy, and effectively solve the energy saving of coal chemical enterprises. To arrange tasks to increase the economic and social benefits of enterprises; at the same time, further adjust and optimize product structure, extend the industrial chain, realize diversified product development, increase product added value, open up new development space, foster new economic growth points, and enhance The competitiveness of enterprises will achieve the win-win cooperation and common development of both schools and enterprises.

President Liu International said that Zhengzhou University is a well-known university in China. It is not only necessary to do a good job in theoretical research, but also to do a good job in the combination of production, education and research. The way of cooperation between Jinma and Energy will be used as the direction for the promotion of scientific and technological achievements in the future.

The perfect convening of the forum marks the beginning of the strategic R&D cooperation between the company and Zhengzhou University and Zhengzhou University Jiyuan Research Institute.


2017 - 8

The construction site of the full-time fire brigade of large enterprises in the city will be held in the company

On August 17th, the construction site of the full-time fire brigade of large enterprises in the city will be held in the company. Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government, Li Hongnian, Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Yin Tianxu, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Government, Li Jiujun, Director of the Safety Supervision Bureau, Wang Jichang, Deputy Secretary of the Public Security Bureau, Liu Shijun, Political Commissar of the Fire Brigade, Shen Chao, Team Secretary, General Secretary of the Company Manager Wang Mingzhong, deputy general manager Wang Yongxin and the city's major enterprises in charge of safety leadership and fire detachment related personnel to participate in the activities.

First of all, the party secretary, general manager Wang Mingzhong and deputy general manager Wang Yongxin accompanied the participants to listen to the introduction of the company profile, the construction of the fire brigade team, the honors obtained in recent years and the daily training situation; then visited the fire protection of the company fire brigade. Comprehensive building, vehicle equipment, honor room, communication room, team dormitory and other ware room places; finally observed the company's firefighters one-person two-plate water connection, two people five-plate water connection, one hundred meters fire obstacles, water on Jinma Avenue The actual demonstration of training courses such as two water guns on the single-line of the tank fire truck. At the demonstration subject site, the players were full of energy, the movements were crisp and neat, and the results were excellent. After the demonstration of the subject, Li Hongnian, the deputy mayor, shook hands with the participating members to express condolences.

Subsequently, all the people then held a symposium in the company conference room.At the meeting, Li Jiujun conveyed the spirit of the document of the 13 national ministries and commissions on "Guiding Opinions on Standardizing and Strengthening the Construction of Full-time Fire Fighting Teams in Enterprises"; Shen Chao conveyed the documents of the "Ministry of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other three ministries and commissions on the guidance on the classification and handling of fire-fighting institutions in state-owned enterprises". spirit. Wang Yongxin gave a special report on the construction of the fire brigade of our company and the important role played by the construction fire brigade on the company's safety work. Li Hongnian pointed out that the construction of full-time fire brigade of enterprises has great significance for the safe development of enterprises. The construction experience of Jinma Fire Brigade is worthy of study by large enterprises in the city. At the same time, it puts forward clear requirements for accelerating the construction of full-time fire brigade of large enterprises in the city.

The construction site of the full-time fire brigade of large-scale enterprises in the city will be held in the company, which is affirmation and recognition of the construction of the company's fire brigade. Since its establishment, the company's fire brigade has improved its corporate security and security capabilities, improved its corporate image, and laid a solid foundation for its safe, sustainable, healthy and stable development. At the same time, the company's fire brigade has the courage to undertake its own social responsibilities, integrate into the city's fire-fighting and rescue system, provide security for the surrounding village enterprises, play an important role in protecting the safety of the people, and have a positive social significance.


2017 - 7

Company holds safety management personnel training

In order to further strengthen the safety management personnel's safety awareness and responsibility implementation concept, use scientific methods to prevent potential safety hazards and enhance accident risk control capabilities, on July 8, the “Jinma Energy Team Leader and above Safety Management Personnel Training” organized by the Safety Management Office Held in the company's electric classroom. More than 111 trainees from the company's middle-level cadres, security officers, team leaders and middle and high-level cadres of various branches attended the training. In order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the training, Wei Huimin, a safety production expert from Henan Province, was invited to give lectures. The training was hosted by Wang Yongxin, the company's deputy general manager.

Before the safety training, the company's deputy general manager Wang Yongxin put forward the requirements for this training. He pointed out: First, the training company attaches great importance to it. It is a comprehensive training to improve the safety management level and improve the basic safety skills of personnel. The opportunity is rare. Dear students, listen carefully, take notes, communicate with teachers, and truly solve practical problems in production management. Second, participants should combine the knowledge they have learned and the work of peacetime, and learn from each other. There is a big improvement in terms of ideology, consciousness and quality. Third, strictly observe the discipline of the classroom, respect the hard work of the teachers, listen carefully, and fill in the gaps according to the teacher's ideas, and actively improve.

Subsequently, the trainer Wei Huimin explained the four aspects of safety production technology, safety production management knowledge, safety production accident case analysis, safety production law and related legal knowledge, helping and guiding the test takers to comprehensively and systematically study and master relevant safety production majors. Knowledge, improve the ability to test. The training aims to improve the professional quality of enterprise management personnel and strengthen the construction of enterprise safety management talent team.

The training course for safety management personnel above the team leader is not only the content of the company's safety production month activities, but also the content of the annual safety education and training program. Doing safety education and training is the main responsibility of the company's safety production, and it is to do a good job in safety production management. One of the fundamental work. Through safety training, the main purpose is to help you better understand the current safety production situation, familiarize yourself with the relevant policies, laws and regulations on safe production, clarify the current and future safety production priorities, and master the methods for safe production in the new period. We will implement our safety responsibilities and focus on improving our safety management level to promote the stable and stable production of our company.