Human Resources

"Ten years of trees, a hundred years of life. The ultimate competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. The dream of a hundred years golden horse must make persistent efforts to build a high quality team with loyalty and courage. The company has always carried out the Scientific Outlook on Development, in order to speed up the promotion of human resources, and firmly grasp the three links of training talents, attracting talents and using good talents, in accordance with the talent concept of ""respecting people, relying on people, developing people and satisfying people"", speeding up the pace of the construction of the talent team and providing talent support for the development of the company.

The company actively implements the strategy of ""strong talent and enterprise"". According to the principle of ""please come in and send out"", the company has worked with the Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, Zhejiang University, Zhengzhou University and the colleges and universities to train professional management technical personnel and training middle and high level managers and technical backbone.We should establish a mechanism to determine the income distribution based on the capability and the performance. We should improve the system of professional title and vocational skill level, strengthen the level of capacity, break up the promotion, encourage more workers to improve their work ability, and vigorously carry out the salary system with fixed salary, ability to set wages and contribution to fixed remuneration. With the eye of understanding, the sincerity of love, the courage to use the talent, the elegant capacity of the talent, the good way of gathering, the talent of ""want to do things, to be able to do things, to do things and not to do things"" will come, stay and use well, grow together with a hundred years of golden horse and share the achievements of development."