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The company's fire brigade won the first place in the group in the second fire professional skills competition - township enterprise full-time team

On September 14th, after five days of fierce competition, the second fire professional skill competition of Jiyuan City came to a successful conclusion. The company's fire brigade won the first place in the group with good teamwork spirit and outstanding comprehensive quality. Team members Feng Jialong and Zhao Baofeng Yang Yujie, Liu Wei, Zheng Shuai, and Niu Erbing have excellent performance and outstanding achievements including group project fire theory knowledge, hand-lifting pumping, single-line double-water gun operation, personal project 100 meters running, carrying heavy goods return running The first place of all the entries, such as one-person two-plate water belt connection, water belt hauling, and so on.

The competition lasted more than five months. Since receiving the notice of the competition of the public security fire brigade of Jiyuan City, the company's fire brigade attached great importance to it, unified arrangements for deployment, dispatched elite soldiers, formulated training plans, and strictly implemented training tasks. During the training period, the relevant leaders of the company repeatedly visited the site to cheer up. The Jiyuan City Fire Brigade strongly supported and enthusiastically guided the team members to fight against the sun and rain, overcome various difficulties, and insist on super-strength and high-strength physical fitness and technical operation training every day. Basic physical training, team members bravely strive for the first, never show weakness; skill and technical training, repeated training, key training, strict deduction of every detail, pay attention to each link; theoretical knowledge active learning, overtime and learning, fully prepared for the competition In the end, he achieved excellent results in the competition.

Through this competition, the company's fire brigade's comprehensive business quality and fire fighting and rescue capabilities have been effectively improved. In the process of competing with other players in the same stage, they learn from each other and improve together, which lays a good foundation for the escort of enterprise fire safety.