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The company held a Integration of Informationization and Industrialization Management System standardization and information planning start-up meeting

At 9:00 am on September 13, 2017, the company's Integration management system standardization and information planning start-up meeting was held in the company's electric classroom. Xue Tianling, deputy director of Jiyuan City Industrial and Information Committee, Wei Xiaodong, director of Information Technology Division, Xu Liping, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Xugong Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Yan Chengyu, chairman of Henan Yuanxun Information Technology Co., Ltd., were invited to attend the meeting. Leaders Li Tianxi, Jin Daqiang, Fan Jianguo, Kong Deming, Wang Yongxin and the Integration management system working group participated in the kick-off meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Wang Yongxin, the company's deputy general manager. At the meeting, Wang Yongxin summed up the work of the company's two-in-one integration, and reviewed the achievements of the company in the integration of informationization and industrialization; Xue Tianling, deputy director of the Jiyuan City Industrial and Information Committee, made a speech and gave the results of the integration of our company. Highly affirmed, at the same time, it also gave instructions for the company's Integration management system.

Subsequently, Jin Daoqiang, deputy general manager of the company, read out the “Notice on Establishing a Two-Chemical Integration Management Organization and a Two-in-One Integration Management System Project Team”; the background and system construction of the responsible person of the two-integration management system The importance and value of the enterprise and how to carry out the work of the two-in-one integration management system have been shared; the heads of the informationization planning service agencies have carried out the general problems of the informationization of China's chemical enterprises and the important role of informationization planning in enterprises. share it.

Finally, Li Tianxi, the company's executive deputy general manager, made an important speech at the meeting, emphasizing the importance of the company's implementation of the Integration management system, and put forward specific requirements for each department: First, strengthen learning and understanding; second, The third is to be pragmatically promoted; the fourth is to be linked to the assessment, and the Enterprise Management Office should implement the work as a key indicator in the performance indicators, refine the evaluation criteria, and work on the standardization and informationization planning. Normal promotion ensures the healthy development of the company.

The convening of the kick-off meeting marked the official entry of the company into the implementation phase of the two-in-one integration management system. Participants said that they will actively cooperate with the two-in-one integration and standardization plan, and make concerted efforts to contribute to the integration and development of Jinma Energy.