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Company holds safety management personnel training

In order to further strengthen the safety management personnel's safety awareness and responsibility implementation concept, use scientific methods to prevent potential safety hazards and enhance accident risk control capabilities, on July 8, the “Jinma Energy Team Leader and above Safety Management Personnel Training” organized by the Safety Management Office Held in the company's electric classroom. More than 111 trainees from the company's middle-level cadres, security officers, team leaders and middle and high-level cadres of various branches attended the training. In order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the training, Wei Huimin, a safety production expert from Henan Province, was invited to give lectures. The training was hosted by Wang Yongxin, the company's deputy general manager.

Before the safety training, the company's deputy general manager Wang Yongxin put forward the requirements for this training. He pointed out: First, the training company attaches great importance to it. It is a comprehensive training to improve the safety management level and improve the basic safety skills of personnel. The opportunity is rare. Dear students, listen carefully, take notes, communicate with teachers, and truly solve practical problems in production management. Second, participants should combine the knowledge they have learned and the work of peacetime, and learn from each other. There is a big improvement in terms of ideology, consciousness and quality. Third, strictly observe the discipline of the classroom, respect the hard work of the teachers, listen carefully, and fill in the gaps according to the teacher's ideas, and actively improve.

Subsequently, the trainer Wei Huimin explained the four aspects of safety production technology, safety production management knowledge, safety production accident case analysis, safety production law and related legal knowledge, helping and guiding the test takers to comprehensively and systematically study and master relevant safety production majors. Knowledge, improve the ability to test. The training aims to improve the professional quality of enterprise management personnel and strengthen the construction of enterprise safety management talent team.

The training course for safety management personnel above the team leader is not only the content of the company's safety production month activities, but also the content of the annual safety education and training program. Doing safety education and training is the main responsibility of the company's safety production, and it is to do a good job in safety production management. One of the fundamental work. Through safety training, the main purpose is to help you better understand the current safety production situation, familiarize yourself with the relevant policies, laws and regulations on safe production, clarify the current and future safety production priorities, and master the methods for safe production in the new period. We will implement our safety responsibilities and focus on improving our safety management level to promote the stable and stable production of our company.