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2017 Jinma Chemical and Energy Technology Innovation Forum was successfully held

On the morning of August 20th, 2017 Jinma Chemical and Energy Technology Innovation Forum was successfully held in the company's electric classroom. The forum was attended by 11 professors from the vice president of Zhengzhou University, including the 11th professor, the deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the party secretary and general manager of the company, Wang Mingzhong, some party and government members, middle-level cadres, reserve cadres, and workshop technicians. The rest of the people. The forum was hosted by Li Tianxi, executive deputy general manager of the company.

Six experts from the chemical and energy fields of Zhengzhou University gave a special report on the transformation and upgrading of the company's technology and product structure, and made a study on the catalytic oxidation of naphthalenes and the research progress of selective hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexene. The latest scientific and technological reports, such as "Technology Development of Thermal Energy Efficient Utilization Equipment for Coal Coking Enterprises".

Wang Mingzhong, secretary of the company's party committee and general manager, said in his welcome speech: I hope Zhengzhou University can provide medical support for the technical problems produced by the company, provide technical support, realize efficient conversion and clean utilization of coal energy, and effectively solve the energy saving of coal chemical enterprises. To arrange tasks to increase the economic and social benefits of enterprises; at the same time, further adjust and optimize product structure, extend the industrial chain, realize diversified product development, increase product added value, open up new development space, foster new economic growth points, and enhance The competitiveness of enterprises will achieve the win-win cooperation and common development of both schools and enterprises.

President Liu International said that Zhengzhou University is a well-known university in China. It is not only necessary to do a good job in theoretical research, but also to do a good job in the combination of production, education and research. The way of cooperation between Jinma and Energy will be used as the direction for the promotion of scientific and technological achievements in the future.

The perfect convening of the forum marks the beginning of the strategic R&D cooperation between the company and Zhengzhou University and Zhengzhou University Jiyuan Research Institute.