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    Henan Jinma Energy Company Limitde
    Address: the south of west 1st.belt road of Jiyuan City
    p.c.: 459000
    Tel: 0391-6038000
    Fax: 0391-6038222
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    Henan jinma energy co., LTD. (formerly jiyuan jinma jiaohua co., LTD.) is a sino-foreign joint venture jointly owned by jinma energy (Hong Kong) co., LTD., ma an shan iron and steel co., LTD., jiangxi pinggang industrial co., LTD., and jinma industrial investment co., LTD., which is a joint venture of coking, coal tar processing, benzene processing and gas synthesis. The company covers an area of 790000 锟絆, is located in the tiger hill coal chemical industrial park industrial concentration area.
    Henan jinma energy co., LTD. Welcome you!

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    Address: the south of west 1st. belt road of Jiyuan city Tel: 0391-6038000 Fax: 0391-6038222
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