About Us

In March 2022, Xiamen Jinma International Trade Co., Ltd. was registered and established. It mainly builds an integrated platform for coal and coke steel supply chain, integrates investment in domestic and foreign coking and related industrial projects.


In December 2021, the 1.8 million tons/year equipment upsizing project of Jinma Middle East was put into trial operation;


In October 2020, Xinyang Steel Jingang Energy Co., Ltd. was registered and established.

In May 2020, 500 million m3 / year coke particle gas production and supporting air separation project will be put into trial operation;

1# and 2# coke ovens supporting 1 million tons/year dry quenching coke waste heat power project put into trial operation.


In September 2019, the "Coal-based Ecological Fine Chemical Engineering Laboratory in Henan Province" cooperated with Zhengzhou University was completed and put into operation.


In May 2018, Jinrui Gas South Second Ring Oil and Gas Complex Station and Beiguanzhuang Oil and Gas complex Station simultaneously began to carry out LNG and CNG vehicle refueling services.

In March 2018, Jinrui Energy's 1.23 million m3 / year liquefied natural gas project was put into production and trial operation:



In October 2017, the company was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


In August 2016, the company completed the share reform and changed its name to Henan Jinma Energy Co., LTD. 


In August 2015, Jinjiang Refining & Chemical 300 million cubic meters/year coke oven gas hydrogen production project was put into operation;Jiyuan Zhongshift 160 tons/hour dry coke quenching project put into operation.



In May 2014, the company changed its name to Henan Jinma Energy Co., LTD.


In November 2013, Shanghai Jinma Energy Co., Ltd. was registered and established, engaged in the whole industrial chain and supply chain business of coal and coke steel.

In February 2013, Jinyuan Chemical's 100,000-ton/year benzene hydrogenation project was put into trial operation.


In January 2009, Jinning Energy Gas storage Tank project was put into trial operation.


In January 2008, the company's first 5.5-meter wide body carbon chamber tamping coke project was put into trial operation.


In September 2005, the first phase of 300,000t/A tar Deep processing Project of Bohai Chemical was put into operation.

In June 2005, the company completed the million-ton coking project.


In February 2003, the company was registered and established.